With every business in which we invest, we partner the entrepreneur with a Western professional who has industry-based or relevant experience. This “KP Coach” will then work with Kingdom Paradigm staff and the entrepreneur to give the local Kingdom Business a competitive advantage in the market, utilizing Western best-practices, new technologies, and industry connections. Time commitments vary, depending on the availability of the coach. Typically, coaches join a 30-60 minute Skype call twice per month and will spend some time between these calls preparing their thoughts or recommendations. Areas in which Kingdom Paradigm is currently seeking a coach are as follows:

  • Food Sales (a fresh and healthy menu, in a mobile food truck)
  • Farming
    • Dairy Cows
    • Dairy Goats
    • Fish
    • Rabbits
    • Greenhouses (vegetables)
    • Aquaponics
    • Raw Vegan Production
  • Marketing and Sales for WordPress Templates
  • Online / Brick-and-Mortar Retail (handbags and accessories)
  • Sewing and Clothing Design