Individual and Group training is provided to entrepreneurs who are interested in and qualify for funding from Kingdom Paradigm. 

Business or leadership development workshops are organized by Kingdom Paradigm several times per year, in which Christian entrepreneurs are invited to meet, study the process of creating a vision and plan for a new company, and understand Kingdom Paradigm’s investment application and disbursement procedures.

Curriculum for all training is founded upon biblically based leadership and management wisdom. Additionally, the curriculum provides practical tools and processes based on Lean Startup principals, guiding entrepreneurs through the process of developing and testing their business model.

When entrepreneurs complete a 2-day business training organized by Kingdom Paradigm, they become certified to apply for funding. These workshops are structured to prepare entrepreneurs for the initial start or growth of their organization, focusing on topics such as customer and problem identification, product development and testing, formulating a unique value proposition, marketing, basic accounting, and performance management. Each topic’s content is set within the context of starting and managing an excellent Kingdom Business, with discussion regarding Christ-centered vision development and implementation guided by Kingdom Paradigm staff or Christian business professionals leading the workshop.

If an entrepreneur is unable to attend a group workshop, he or she may request from Kingdom Paradigm an individual training. Individual trainings utilize the same curriculum as group workshops, however the availability for such training is limited.