Great Food, Great Cause

Meaning: "Hungry Man: Fresh and Healthy"

One of the core motivations in the work of Kingdom Paradigm is to create jobs and professional growth opportunities for young men and women who are survivors or at-risk of human trafficking. From this desire was born the vision for Flămânzilă, a mobile fresh-food business. Owned and managed by Kingdom Paradigm, Flămânzilă operates with low overhead expenses and a scalable “mobile” growth strategy by selling via kiosks or direct catering, in order to maximize the number of jobs created per dollar invested in the business. 

As in any country, the food industry is highly regulated by the government in order to ensure the safety of the local population. However, in Moldova, it is particularly difficult to gain authorization to sell food in a “mobile” fashion, requiring Kingdom Paradigm to invest many hours into working with local government bodies to develop solutions that fit their needs as well as our own. While this was being completed during the fall and winter of 2015, Kingdom Paradigm coached the future workers of Flămânzilă how to complete customer interviews and gather data in order to determine a sales and marketing strategy. Likewise, in partnership with a nutritionist, we developed the Flămânzilă menu and tested the production and sales of all products.

After preliminary sales and purchase agreements from future clients, it is clear there is a demand for these products in Moldova. With this proof of market demand, Kingdom Paradigm is seeking to raise $14,000 in order to purchase equipment and materials necessary to launch the Flămânzilă business and create 3 new full-time workplaces. If you are interested in making such an investment, please contact us at