Internships Enhancing Investment

Eduard (Usurei)

Eduard was one of the most active attendees during Kingdom Paradigm’s Fall trainings and proved he had the skills, heart, and perseverance it would take to launch a Kingdom Business in his village. Eduard’s vision is to develop an excellent dairy farm in Usurei, his home village, which will create local jobs and utilize Western techniques to increase production efficiency and product quality. With Kingdom Paradigm’s investment, Eduard purchased new cows and necessary farming equipment.

Shortly after the investment was made, Eduard received the opportunity through a KP partner to work as an intern for 2-weeks on one of Czech Republic’s leading organic dairy farms. Shortly after, Eduard’s mother, who also works on the farm, was able to participate in a study-visit to an organic dairy farm in Romania. Once the two returned from their practical studies, they immediately began adjusting their production methodology and developed a new strategy for how to grow their farm.

Despite his young age, Eduard is quickly becoming a recognized leader in the region – one who is proving the possibility of upholding excellent standards in the quality of products and the integrity of business practices. With this extended platform, Eduard is drawing from his theological schooling to lead and evangelize from a biblical foundation. In the coming years, Eduard plans to purchase additional land, increase his number of cows, and diversify dairy production – all of which creating additional local jobs. Beyond local job creation, Eduard is financing through his local church a feeding program for 30 low-income youth, most of whom coming from single-parent homes. Next year, Eduard plans to begin human trafficking awareness campaigns in local schools and begin mentoring other young farmers in the region.

Eduard's mother, who assists his work on the farm.

Eduard's mother, who assists his work on the farm.

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Calves Eduard
Mama Eduard