IMPACT 2015 - Business Women Workshops


“This was the training I’ve been praying for!” These words, spoken by a female entrepreneur from rural, northern Moldova during the first of last week’s IMPACT workshops, represents the excitement and appreciation shared by workshop participants from across the country. Over 80 female entrepreneurs participated in the trainings, which Kingdom Paradigm organized in Balti (April 28), Cahul (April 30), and Chisinau (May 1). Participants divided themselves into two groups; experienced entrepreneurs who are currently running a company and beginning entrepreneurs who need assistance in launching a transformational business. The experienced group, led by Dutch social impact evaluation expert Marlon van Dijk (, planned how they can create, measure, and communicate the positive social impact their business produces for their community. In the group for beginners, Dutch business consultants Mariska de Rijk and Jade Drake facilitated participants in the process of clarifying a vision for their “Kingdom Business” and developing their vision into a specific business model and marketing strategy.

Amazed by the high-quality expert trainers and appreciative of the practical business tools presented in each workshop, participants have been eagerly asking for more details regarding Kingdom Paradigm’s upcoming trainings. The team at Kingdom Paradigm feels blessed to receive such positive responses to its inaugural training series and recognizes the care and professionalism of the Dutch trainers as central to the week’s success. One entrepreneur from Chisinau told the trainers, “I used to have my own business and I loved it, but due to difficult circumstances, I gave up on the dream. But now, your training inspired and motivated me to re-launch the business - this time fresh and strong.”

It is the vision of Kingdom Paradigm to support and connect entrepreneurs like this woman who are committed to establishing and growing a Kingdom Business, making a positive “Kingdom” impact in their community, and promoting values in line with the Kingdom of God. Such a network of excellent businesses provides hope to communities throughout Moldova that economic, social, and spiritual development is possible. We are thankful to our ministry partners for their prayers and support in this effort and we are proud of the fact that God’s people around the world are using business as a tool to create positive change.

Please be sure to keep our team and our clients in your prayers. Also, if you are interested in offering your expertise to facilitate trainings, become a coach, or invest in a Kingdom Business, we would love to have a conversation! You may reach us by email at or see more regarding what we offer at


Oleg Reutki and the team of Kingdom Paradigm Moldova