Identifying Brokenness, Partnering for Change


In 2001, as Oleg Reutki was working in villages and rural towns throughout Moldova to support local churches and groups of believers, God placed on his heart a vision to help impoverished individuals provide for their own needs and the needs of a local ministry. The lack of job opportunities and the high rate of poverty in Moldova was causing large masses of the population to leave the country in search of work - a problem that remains rampant today. Unfortunately, church leaders and ministry workers were not isolated from the problem, resulting in churches across Moldova being left without leadership committed to the teaching and preaching of God’s Word. 

Furthermore, as large numbers of men and women left the country, many would leave their children to be raised in Moldovan orphanages. These youth face extreme risk of exploitation, abuse, and human trafficking. After serving this population, Oleg understood  the lack of employment opportunities was causing many individuals to feel pressured by peers or family members to accept foreign job offers, which often lead to human trafficking. While a problem most acutely facing orphaned youth, pressures to accept risky employment opportunities are also pushing countless numbers of mothers and fathers to leave the country in order to gather funds to provide for their children. Males and females of all ages are being victimized - subjected to sex slavery, forced labor, and organ harvesting.

Hearing the call to help put an end to human trafficking in this region of the world, Oleg began to gather locals and internationals around the idea of empowering Christian leaders to grow faithful and sustainable businesses that will provide local jobs and support local ministries. From this vision, Kingdom Paradigm was formed as the means by which Christians from around the world may invest their time, wisdom, and finances in the scaling of “Kingdom Businesses” and the spreading of Christ’s love and truth in Moldova and beyond. 


In 2013, Oleg met Tobias Weber (Switzerland) and Matt Rutter (USA) - both of whom also shared a vision for empowering Moldovan Christ-centered businesses to create economic opportunities and support local ministries. The team then began working with several pastors in rural Moldovan villages to help them develop a strategy for their business ideas, connect with investors from Western nations, and begin implementing the start or growth of these Kingdom Businesses. The first ventures developed by local Christian entrepreneurs to put into practice the Kingdom Business model were in the 
fields of vinyl windows, fashion, greenhouses, and dairy production.


It quickly became clear God was blessing this shared vision and in the summer of 2014, Oleg, Tobias, and Matt together founded Kingdom Paradigm Moldova. As the organization is building its portfolio of businesses established and lives changed, each founder is uniquely offering his own gifts and experiences in the areas of leadership, agriculture, and business development, creating a dynamic and hard-working team. 

We would love to have you join our team in the mission of creating jobs and changing lives in Moldova. Learn the different ways you can join us, or request a conversation with a  Kingdom Paradigm representative.