Investing in scalable Kingdom businesses, empowering local entrepreneurs to facilitate personal and community transformation.


Kingdom Paradigm exists to empower local entrepreneurial hearts to start and scale sustainable Christ-centered businesses, based on biblical values, for the promotion of Kingdom causes.

Businesses supported by Kingdom Paradigm play a leading role in:

  • Reducing human trafficking by creating safe job opportunities and training those most at-risk;
  • Developing a Christian business culture of excellence by starting and connecting Kingdom businesses;
  • Growing God's Kingdom by living and sharing the Gospel with employees and the community.


We believe God, our Creator and Sustainer, has called Christians to be excellent in all areas of their lives. This certainly includes the area of business. Therefore, Kingdom Paradigm is training and discipling Christian entrepreneurs to begin or improve their leadership of an excellent "Kingdom Business."

Kingdom Paradigm defines an excellent Kingdom Business by the following criteria:

  • Economic Excellence
    • Profit: Kingdom Paradigm (KP) businesses create profitable and sustainable companies, based on well-designed and tested business models.
    • Innovation: Whether implementing a new technology, revenue model, or creating a new market, KP businesses reflect the creativity of the Creator in their business model.
    • Culture: A focus for every KP business is to develop a company culture based on biblical values (love, humility, integrity, etc.) and to support the development of a Christian business community throughout the region.
  • Spiritual Excellence
    • Local Church: KP businesses partner with the local church to provide holistic growth and support to employees and to the community.
    • Mentoring: Leading management of KP businesses are trained and committed to modeling the Gospel and speaking into the lives of their employees.
    • Evangelism: Creating businesses "as mission" or "for mission," KP entrepreneurs have started their companies in order to share the Gospel to the lost and help make disciples in all nations.
  • Social Excellence
    • Jobs: Battling rampant poverty and emigration, KP businesses create safe local employment opportunities for those who need it most.
    • Care for the Vulnerable: Partnering with organizations committed to transitioning the lives of orphans and human trafficking victims, KP businesses empower these youth to become Christian leaders of their generation.
    • Pride and Hope: KP businesses are created by and for the local community, providing the region grassroots success stories and optimism for future economic and social progress.