Weekly Prayer and Planning

Every Monday morning, the Kingdom Paradigm team meets for a biblically-based study, a time of prayer for our clients and our investors, and to plan out the strategy and tasks for the coming week. During our study time, our team engages in practical discussion regarding either the Scripture we have read or the Christian leadership lecture we watch. This crucial time of the week helps us to remember our purpose for why we work and continues to direct our dependance on God to provide wisdom and strength. 

Our time of prayer allows our team to ask God’s blessing upon our clients, investors, and all those who support Kingdom Paradigm. We are constantly collecting prayer requests from our clients on issues ranging from financial struggles to sickness in the family, and we commit to praying that God would resolve these challenges. Likewise, we pray for those supporting Kingdom Paradigm from outside of Moldova. We warmly welcome prayer requests, which can be sent to connect@kingdomparadigm.org.

Operating proactively to overcome challenges and accomplish goals, our Monday mornings are a time for our team to understand how each sector of the organization is working toward supporting clients or developing new ones. We use the project management system, Asana, to clearly communicate across the team what must be done, who will be responsible, and by when the task is due. Throughout the week, our team then executes this strategy, using Asana to communicate progress and adaptations along the way.