Application documents are submitted to and reviewed by Kingdom Paradigm.

Documents considered in this review include:

  • Personal Information Overview
  • Business Model
  • Potential Customer Report
  • Proof of Concept Summary

The local Kingdom Paradigm Executive Team will then meet and vote regarding whether or not to advance an application to the business plan development stage.

Business plan development is then led by the local entrepreneur and supported by a Kingdom Paradigm Project Manager and Industry Advisor.

During this time, the Project Manager and local entrepreneur review Kingdom Paradigm’s various investment offerings, in order to identify a financial model and repayment schedule that best fits the needs of the business.

Decision of whether to fund, Deny, or request changes to the business plan is made by the Kingdom Paradigm Moldova Executive Team.

In circumstances when other individuals or organizations are acting as co-investors, these parties will be invited into the decision-making process of whether or not to invest.