Expected Impact

Moldovans who are most at-risk for becoming victims of trafficking are empowered to choose a better life.

Kingdom Paradigm is offering a "third option" to those who feel pushed to leave the country in pursuit of work. Currently facing the choice between remaining in Moldova and struggling to financially provide for one's family or risking being trafficked while seeking work abroad, a third option - employment in Moldova - allows these individuals to continue serving their families and developing their communities.

With support and resources from Kingdom Paradigm, Christian entrepreneurs can now build successful companies and healthy workplaces. As our portfolio grows, so too does a community of Christian entrepreneurs who are committed to excellence and passionate about facilitating personal and community transformation in Moldova. These men and women demonstrate first-hand how to launch and operate an undeniably excellent business, influencing the culture around them by showing a better way forward. Infused with Gospel-centered values, these workplaces allow Kingdom Paradigm’s portfolio of entrepreneurs to build relationships with employees and business partners that will naturally lead to occasions for open discussions about faith.

As the group of entrepreneurs leading Kingdom Businesses in Moldova continues to grow and gain influence, the methods and values of Christian business leaders will become the model for how to best start and scale an excellent company. Positively redirecting the business culture in Moldova and creating opportunities for locals to remain and work in their homeland, Kingdom Paradigm entrepreneurs will continue to be used in the redemption of misdirected systems and broken lives throughout Moldova.