As entrepreneurs lead their companies, they are equipped with biblically-based strategies for how to best serve their employees and business partners.

Additional to the goal of establishing a profitable company, entrepreneurs in Kingdom Paradigm's portfolio strive to create new jobs in the context of a workplace that facilitates personal and professional growth. Whenever possible, these businesses employ individuals who are at high-risk for human trafficking. This offers such individuals a potentially lifesaving opportunity to remain in Moldova and work for its betterment, rather than accept a risky job abroad. Intentionally creating an organizational system that mentors and trains its employees, the leaders of Kingdom Paradigm Businesses enable their workers to establish a sustainable life for their family and become a leader in the organization and community. 

These entrepreneurs actively serve the needs of their employees and business partners, offering a tangible representation of the Christian message. The relationships built between the entrepreneurs and employees or business partners often lead to discussions regarding faith, and result in the sharing of the Gospel and an invitation to church events.