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It is a joy for us at Kingdom Paradigm to connect the lives and stories of local entrepreneurs with our partners in the West. The first step in building these relationships is for you to connect with us via email, social media, or by requesting to receive our monthly newsletters. In this way, you will be informed of all our updates and have direct access to send us your questions or requests for additional information.


The first step we ask you to take when considering a partnership with Kingdom Paradigm is to pray for God’s leading regarding if and how He is calling you to join the work He is doing through Kingdom Paradigm. We recognize that it is God moving before us and His strength working through us, which will make the vision for personal and community transformation in Eastern Europe possible.

Therefore, the opening way to become involved as a partner with Kingdom Paradigm is to pray for us. We are currently asking prayer for:

  • Wisdom and direction for Kingdom Paradigm's training and coaching of Christian entrepreneurs in Moldova;
  • Fruitful efforts of these entrepreneurs, as they create profitable businesses and empowering workplaces;
  • Financial and professional investment from Individuals and organizations interested in supporting Kingdom Businesses in Moldova.


If you are looking for a way to travel to Moldova and become personally involved in the work of Kingdom Paradigm without a long-term commitment, you may consider becoming a trainer for one of our leadership or business workshops. With over six years of experience organizing such workshops for partners from North America and Western Europe to facilitate the training, Oleg Reutki, President of Kingdom Paradigm Moldova, is prepared to assist in identifying the best way your gifts and experience can be used at the training. For more information regarding how to become a Kingdom Paradigm trainer, please complete our connect form.