2015 Report

2015 was the foundational year for building the organization of Kingdom Paradigm. Throughout the year, our team intentionally strengthened the organization’s structure to reflect a Gospel-centric vision, biblical values, clear strategy, and a strong team. Below, we wish to share with you the exciting things God is doing in Moldova and report on the impact of your financial, professional, and spiritual investments in Kingdom Paradigm. 


Mission: Investing financial and professional resources in scalable Kingdom businesses, empowering local entrepreneurs to facilitate personal and community transformation.

Entrepreneurs supported by Kingdom Paradigm play a leading role in:

  • Reducing human trafficking by creating safe job opportunities and training those most at-risk;
  • Developing a Christian business culture of excellence by starting and connecting Kingdom businesses;
  • Growing God's Kingdom by living out the Gospel and sharing their faith with employees and the community.


No. Investments: 8

Sum of Investments: $75,396

Average Investment size: $9,424

No. Investor Visits: 3

No. Trainings: 6

No. Business Leaders Trained: 124

Investment Diversification by Industry


Ave. Customer Interviews: 19

Number Full-Time Jobs Created: 12

Number Part-Time Jobs Created: 57

Number of Churches supported: 10

Number of Youth Clubs organized: 8

Clients Serving as a Mentor

Clients with KP Coach

We need to change this! If you are interested in becoming a KP Coach, we would love to hear from you.

In 2016, our clients understand they are now expected to be mentoring an up-and-coming leader in their village/city.

Support to orphans

  • Employment

  • Youth clubs

  • Sunday school teaching

  • Feeding programs

  • holiday activities

Human Trafficking Prevention

  • Three (3) Clients provided work to individuals who otherwise would have been obligated to leave the country in search of employment, thereby placing themselves and their families at risk to be trafficked.

Evangelical activity of Clients

  • Clients shared the Gospel at their workplace, to customers, and with local authorities. For 2016, Kingdom Paradigm will be monitoring the frequency at which clients are sharing the Gospel.


Grow active investment portfolio to $75,000

Invest in 6 new companies

Create 13 new full-time jobs (at least 4 of which employing those at-risk for human trafficking)

Train or consult 124 business leaders

Support 17 new church events or clubs*

*These evangelistic events will be organized by our clients in their respective towns or villages.

Grow active investment portfolio to $1,000,000

Increase investment portfolio to 40 total businesses

Create 230 full-time jobs (at least 30% of which employing those at-risk for human trafficking)

Train or consult a total of 4,000 Moldovan business leaders

Support 500 church events or clubs


Total No. of KP Investments


Active Investment Portfolio Projected Growth


No. Full-Time Jobs Created by KP Investments


Cost per Job Created by KP Investment